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Read the May 8, 2014 Chico News & Review article about The Stream Team's 11th year of monitoring here.

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2005 Monitoring: Temperature Data Loggers

Continuous temperature data loggers were installed in pools where spring-run salmon are known to be present. Notice the elevated temperatures during the heat wave in July on the graphs below.

(Click on photos for larger image)

Getting ready to install temperature data loggers.

Temperatures loggers were attached to bricks...

...ready to be installed.

Bricks being placed in Pool-T.

May '05, photo pointing to where the brick will be installed in Pool-T.

May '05, Installing logger in Pool-T.

May '05, testing water chemistry in Pool-T.

May '05, Temp logger installed below Henning Hole.

May '05, Air loggers were also installed in trees close to water.

Retrieving data logger to download information.

Temperature data was downloaded in the field.